Colestein Veglin

Do you know about Colestein Veglin?

Today we will talk about such a person in this article that people say that he was stay alive in this world for 615 years. This is very difficult for me and for all people to believe on this. We have written this article to clear up all the mystery from colstein Weglin and his age. Many people think that Colestein Veglin lived to be 615 years old, but I think that this is impossible. The average lifespan of humans today is between 60 and 120 years. Colestein Veglin say that he was born between 1261 and 1262, but still no one knows when he died.

It is fascinating to think about what someone who lived that long would have seen in their lifetime. They would have witnessed the rise and fall of empires, the birth and death of billions of people, and the unfolding of history in a way that no one alive today can even imagine.

What kind of person would be able to live for so long? They would need to be incredibly resilient and adaptable, able to adapt to whatever changes the world throws at them. They would also need to be incredibly lucky, to have avoided all the diseases and accidents that can kill us long before our time.

Colestein Veglin must have been all of these things, and more. He is an inspiration to us all, and a reminder that anything is possible if we set our minds to it.

Date of birth

According to this man he was born between 1261-1262.He was belonged to US. If this is true , this is one of the American’s longest living people.

Bio Data

1)-It was called Colestein Veglin
2)-It belonged to New York
3)- He had six wives
4)-It was from William Street
5)- He was arrested from New Jersey
6)-He say he was a 615 years old
7)-He said that he was born between 1259-1261
8)-And he has 7 children

When did he die?

We don’t have any information yet about this man..

Is it true?

No, I think It is impossible, a common man who claimed to have lived six hundred and fifteen years is a myth. I think there is no fact that he was stay alive for 615 or 616 years in this world. He was arrested in New Jersey in 1876 and was placed in a mental hospital.


From his appearance, it seamed that he was about 112 years old. However, we cannot determine this is a real or a fabrication based on the publication of the 1876 newspaper. If you know anything further regarding the age mystery, like Colestein Veglin. So please tell us how important this is.

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