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Brights Future wants you to share your expertisewisdom, and creative thinking with our diverse audience.

Brights Future publishes articles in various categories, i.e., Business, Technology, Home Improvements, Entertainment, Animals, etc. We are committed to publishing the best quality and most authoritative articles that can help our visitors in the best way.
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For Content Contribution Guidelines

1-Excellent content quality and well-researched.

2-Useful and 100% unique content, free from plagiarism and grammatical errors, should not have been published on another platform. Otherwise, your content will be deleted immediately, and we will not be responsible.

3-Content must be at least 800+ words long.

4-A primary target keyword with a high monthly volume.

5-Focus on the keyword in the title, relevant headings, and first and last paragraph of the content

6-Unique copyright-free images (1200×670 pixels)

  • 7-Additional long-tail keywords are everywhere in the content
  • 8- One internal link should be in the content.

Note: Follow these guidelines; otherwise, we will not be responsible if any team member deletes your articles.

How to Submit Your Contributions?

To write for us and get your content published on, follow the steps below.

  • Approach us with an ‘article-title pitch’ email, or send us the written and fully formatted content.
  • You can send the article in a Word document or through Google Doc
  • After receiving your pitch, our editorial team will review the contribution. It will get back to you with a live link, improvement suggestions, or a reason for not being selected to be published.
  • All contribution emails and other related inquiries should be sent.

Okay, That’s it. Come, write to us!

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