4 Tips For Making Your Clothing Last Longer

4 Tips For Making Your Clothing Last Longer

Making your clothes last longer isn’t just about preserving clothing pieces that you love— it’s also easy on your budget since you don’t have to purchase the same clothing over and over. There’s also the added aspect of the effects on the environment. The fast fashion industry is a “throwaway” culture that may seem innocent and affordable, but in reality, most of these clothing items end up in landfills.

Making your clothing last longer comes down to the same basic strategies that if you can manage to stay consistent with can extend the life of your clothing significantly. Here are some valuable tips for fashion lovers for getting the most out of their clothing purchases.

Follow Washing Instructions

Even though we may be convinced that we know best, the truth is that clothing comes with special care instructions for a reason. Failing to follow these instructions can lead to the material degrading, and even shrinkage. Instead of trying to cut corners by washing things yourself, sometimes you have to take your clothing to a professional cleaner.

Certain items of clothing need to be professionally dry cleaned as they cannot be washed in a traditional washing machine. So, before purchasing your clothing, always make sure that you read the washing care instructions carefully. If they seem too difficult or inconvenient, then opt for materials that require less maintenance.

Buy Quality Clothing

Not everyone has the budget to be able to buy designs straight off the runway, however, it’s important to minimally opt for high quality whenever possible. If you can buy from brands who are known for using durable materials and prioritize sturdy designs, then you’ll find taking care of your clothing is much easier to do.

Not to mention, if you ever want to resell your clothing later, you’ll be able to make money back on your investment.

Rather than focusing on quantity when shopping, focus on quality. Purchasing a few high-quality items that you can mix and match will pay off in the long run much more than buying in bulk and eventually throwing half of it away because it didn’t last.

Hang Dry Your Clothing

As convenient as dryers are, they are basically frying machines for your clothing. Ideally, you should hang dry your clothing whenever possible. Everything from your jeans to your cotton shirts will thank you for it.

Consider using your dryer only for large and bulky items that can be challenging to air dry. For example, towels, blankets, and sheets are things that you can throw in the dryer without worrying about.  For the rest, consider buying a drying rack to keep outside, or near a window if you don’t have an outdoor space.

Learn How to Sew

If your clothing has a small tear in it or a thread that’s loose, instead of throwing it away, why not mend it? Teaching yourself basic sewing techniques can significantly prolong the life of your clothes.

Even though it may be easier to simply throw something into the trash, a few simple stitches are often all that it takes.

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