Track a Twitter User’s Location

Twitter is one of today’s most popular social media websites, and the micro-blogging app remains notorious for its short character limits that users are limited to when making posts. Some Twitter users may be wondering how to find the location of another user, either out of curiosity or to pinpoint the location where they made a post at. If you are searching for this information, our article will help you understand if it’s possible to track a Twitter user’s location and the best way to find out location information regarding Twitter posts.

Does Twitter Have Location Services?

Twitter makes many features available to its users, some of them more intuitive than others. Among these features, location services are available. Users may enable geolocation on their Twitter posts to allow their general location to be given when they post; the location added to the bottom of their Twitter posts will be the location where the post was submitted.

Location services may be helpful for a number of reasons, as they help users show where they might be traveling, provide travel advice and information, and give credibility to their posts in certain situations. 

It’s important to note that while you can follow along with the general location of a Twitter user based on their posts’ locations, you cannot access a direct and exact address for another Twitter user. Twitter simply doesn’t provide this information, and you won’t be able to directly track someone’s location using this method.

How to Use the Twitter Geolocation Feature

If you are interested in using the Twitter geolocation feature for yourself, follow the steps below to learn how to turn it on for your account. And if you are looking for the location of someone’s Twitter posts, simply glance down at the bottom of it underneath the included words or pictures; along with the post date and time, you will be able to see the general location the user made the post from.

  1. From your account homepage, navigate to the option that says, ‘settings and privacy,’ and then navigate to the page that says ‘privacy and safety.’
  2. Click or tap on ‘privacy and safety’ and find the option that says, ‘data sharing.’ 
  3. Once you click on the data-sharing option, you need to access the off-Twitter activity box and find the option for location information. From there, you can select the option to add location information to your Twitter posts.
  4. The box being checked next to ‘location information’ means that your location is attached to your Twitter posts. Tap the option again to uncheck it and turn off location sharing for your Twitter posts.

Avoid Twitter Location Tracking Scams

If you are trying to track someone’s location via Twitter, you most likely are conducting internet searches with terms like “track location via Twitter” or “Twitter location tracking.” As you browse results for these keywords, it’s important to stay on guard and not fall for any type of Twitter location-tracking scam.

It’s not possible to find someone’s precise location using the Twitter geolocation services, and you will not be able to track someone’s exact location, except for the general places they create their posts from, using Twitter. Many online websites or apps may promise you that they can do this, but this is merely part of a scam to get you to hand over your information. Don’t trust any website that wants access to your personal information, including banking information, as this can create future issues and leave you a victim of a scam.

Tracking Your Online Presence

Keeping track of your and others’ online presence via handy tools like Twitter’s geolocation services is a good way to get started understanding the information available about you on the internet. If you want to conduct further research about your online presence and see other websites that might be storing your account or location information, utilize an email lookup, like this one. A tool like this will provide you with all the publicly available information connected to that email so you can clean up your online presence and configure location services as needed.

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