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Is Your Content Working Hard Enough for You?

To establish your websites SEO ranking, Google and other search engines scrutinize the frequency at which your site is updated, and if you’re not making regular social media posts and encouraging users to interact with them, your posts won’t get seen by your followers in your newsfeed.

If you’re not achieving the SEO rankings you think you should be, it could be time to make your content work that bit harder for you. With this in mind, here are 5 simple ways to maximize your content development:

  1. Remember that it all starts with your website

All content development centers around your website, and while it doesn’t have to end there, it must almost certainly begin there. Take the time to update the content of your website on a regular basis – the frequency will vary depending upon your website and users needs and interactions, but you could start by creating weekly blog posts. This not only keeps you in Google’s good books, but also lets visitors to your site know that its content is new and fresh.

  • Use social media to your advantage

Once you’ve created engaging content on your website, you must ensure that people know it’s there by sharing it on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, to name but a few. However, do remember that each social media platform has a different focus, so ideally, content should be tweaked to match each one for effectiveness.

  • Don’t neglect emails

Social media is important, that much is true, but email campaigns still have their place and can be effective if used appropriately. Using an email management program such as Mail Chimp or Infusionsoft is a fantastic way to get content to keep the emails relevant, just be sure to share your most interesting information so that when people do take the time to click on the link to read what you’ve sent them, they’re not disappointed.

  • Make use of online publications

If you’ve created blog posts or content that can be shared as a story, you’ll find a whole host of platforms to share it on, such as Reddit, The Mighty and LinkedIn articles. Learn about each platform before you use it, and you can also submit articles to trade publications that are relevant to your industry or organization.

  • Work with a digital marketing company

Because they’re experts in how to craft and promote content to reach as many people as possible, digital marketing companies have a whole host of resources at their disposal, and can use their vast experience to ensure that your content works its hardest for you, all of the time.

It’s hard enough setting up and running a business, without the added stress and strain of ensuring that your website is engaging and updated at all times. However, you may never know true success until you’ve either mastered the art of making your content work for you, or paid someone else to handle it for you – the latter is certainly the quickest and typically most effective route. 

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