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Smith Machine Squat Death Video

Life is very important for self and for the family and unpredictable which means anything can happen to anyone. So we have to be very careful regarding our life. Some time ago a video had been going viral where a woman between 30-40 years was in the gym with her pretty and cute daughter. But unfortunately that place became her place of death. The mother of daughter dies Smith machine squat.

Facebook, twitter, instagram, YouTube ticktock has viral videos from time to time. And this is one such frightful video which has grabbed a lot of attention. And people’s heart have crumbled with pain after watching the frightful death of the mother in front of her little daughter. Where the daughter stands helplessly and asks for help.

Mexico City

This scene is reported to have happened in the City of Mexico, where two unlucky women. Mother and her little daughter are in the gym while the mother of doughtier heads for the Smith machines squat. Which is very heavy that it weighed approximately 400 pounds. And it is equal to lifting about 180 kg and tries doing squats which she couldn’t hold properly. As will as the heavy barbell falls on her neck reason her death.

Because the barbell was so heavy, and it fell on her neck. Her neck was crushed leading to death on spot. While the exercise master tries to remove the barbell from women body. But due to its weight he just couldn’t and other people help exercise master and lift it up. The exercise master gets the women out but she lays without her life and already dead by the very heavy Smith machines squat. This is being searched as a Smith machine squat death frightful movie. Here you can watch the Smith machine squat death scene viral video.

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