At-Home Waxing: Unboxing Your First Kit

The benefits of waxing outweigh many of the hair removal alternatives, but a salon wax is not always affordable. This leaves many people exploring the option of an at-home wax kit. Proper use of an at-home wax kit can provide smooth, hair-free skin for an average of 4 weeks. 

An at-home wax kit can be used to remove hair from various parts of the body without sharp razors, messy creams, or expensive equipment. Purchasing the right kit will give you everything you need to get the job done right in one session.

Here’s what you need to know about an at-home wax kit. 

What comes in the kit?

The best at-home wax kit for hair removal will include multiple items which are all necessary to give you great results. It will include the empty tin, heater, measuring cups, and a protective sheet to cover the floor or furniture. As clean as you try to be, the protective sheet will prevent warm spills and drips from ruining things or leaving a mess. 

Your at-home wax kit should also come with multiple face and body applicators, lotion, oil, and vinyl gloves to protect your hands during hair removal. Of course, plenty of wax beads should also be included for you to enjoy multiple uses. A great at-home wax kit will include everything you need for an easy, pain-free wax that provides long lasting results. 

How to Use Your At-Home Wax Kit

When you receive your at-home wax kit you’ll notice that detailed instructions have been included for your convenience. You’ll want to go over the instructions, carefully noting any necessary precautions. Next, you’ll need to review your at-home wax kit to ensure everything has been included in the box. Then, choose an area with plenty of space and free of clutter. 

It also helps to have a dry, sturdy surface near your work area. This is where you’ll place the heater within arm’s length of where you’ll be working. Put on the vinyl gloves and use the chart on the back of the box to determine the amount of wax you’ll need for the area being waxed. Add the wax to the tin and put the tin in the heater before turning the device on. Wait 20-30 minutes for wax to melt completely, stirring occasionally. 

You can prepare the area you’ll be waxing while you’re waiting for the wax to melt. Use cotton or tissue to apply the cleansing lotion to the area. Once clean, apply nourishing oil to the area and rub in completely. Now you’re ready to wax. Remember to apply the wax in the direction of hair growth and remove in the opposite direction

Purchase your at-home wax kit today. 

If you’re ready for a smooth, easy salon wax experience without the salon wax price, purchase your at-home wax kit today. It should come with everything you need to remove hair at the root, leaving skin soft and smooth. The right at-home wax kit will give you painless, hair-free results for an average of 3 weeks or more. Forget using messy creams or expensive equipment that doesn’t deliver the best results. You can get silky smooth salon style results without the price by using the best at-home wax kit. 

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