What kind of injuries can cold therapy units be used for?

Cold therapy units circulate cold water through an ice reservoir and into compression wraps that come with the unit. They’re beneficial to patients that require cold therapy for extended periods of time. A cold therapy unit is much more effective than changing out an ice pack every 20 to 30 minutes. 

Cold therapy units can be recommended by doctors for use across many areas of the body. They are good for treating a wide range of injuries. Pain relief and recovery don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution, Breg Polar Care Cube units can aid in a lot of ways. 

Post Operative

Cold therapy units can be used to help during recovery after an operation. Even non-invasive procedures can leave you feeling uncomfortable and this is often to be expected. With surgery, both major or minor, cold therapy units can be used to help the pain. The combination of light compression and cooling will ultimately help with discomfort and inflammation in the area. There are a variety of wraps and bands that can be used for different areas of the body. 

Chronic Pain

An ice pack will work wonders for pain. When the pain is chronic, however, there can be times when there aren’t enough ice packs available. Cold therapy units are an option for someone who needs long-term relief. It is especially good for nerve pain. Being able to freeze the nerve without doing tissue damage is important when trying to mitigate discomfort between medication doses. Cold therapy units can be worn on different parts of the body to cover a wide range of uses for the product.

Sprained Ankles

Ice and elevation are the go-to recommendations for a simple sprained ankle. For a more complex sprain, your doctor might recommend a cold therapy unit; especially if you happen to be a career athlete. The severity of the sprain and the recorded recovery time are definitely factored into the type of product you will need. The proper amount of compression and cooling can help you to speed up your recovery as well as offer significant pain relief. It is important to follow your doctor’s advice as well as any instructions that come with your unit. 

On-Going Injuries

Perhaps you’re recovering from a previous injury such as an auto accident. The resulting injuries are healing, but you still require physical therapy. Breg Polar Care Cube can be beneficial to patients as they push themselves more and get back to their baseline. Consider asking your physical therapist about a cooling unit for therapy after your next session. 

Injuries Come In Many Forms

You don’t want to experience an injury but you do want to be prepared for them. Everyone should have a first aid kit as a minimal standard, but if your needs lie outside of the realm of “everyday” you may need to consider investing in different treatment options. If you’re looking to make home life more comfortable during the recovery from accidents or medical treatments, consider investing in a Breg Polar Care Cube. 

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