repurposing bathroom vanity

Tips on repurposing bathroom vanity

One of the simple ways to remodel the bathroom is by adding repurposed vanity furniture, such as sinks and vanities. The recycled vanities add a chic and exciting design element to the bathroom, which is also functional. In this article, we explain repurposing bathroom vanity.

The first step in remodeling the bathroom vanity is choosing the right furniture that fits the space. This might look easy when the length and width of the piece are considered, but it is essential to select a part of the right height. 

The sink should be at the appropriate height for easy usage. If the piece is too low, it will be impartial to use with the sink as we might have to bend too much to reach the water. And if the top surface of the dresser, console, or chest is too high, it will be difficult to achieve. And if a vessel is to be added as a sink, remember to factor in the actual sink body’s added height into the piece’s final height. Two standard dimensions which usually work very well for everyone are the standard vanity height which is 30″, and the standard counter height which is 36″. 

The right piece should be chosen according to the style of the bathroom – modern, rustic, traditional, retro, shabby chic, or any styled bathroom. The sink and vanity will set an aesthetic look to the entire bathroom. It is essential to pay attention to the storage as well. Unless there is extra room for storage, be sure to choose a piece with lots of storage space to be used even after the plumbing is run through it.

Even if the small piece of furniture is used for the sink vanity, be sure to choose a smaller one which still has 3-6 inches of counter space around the sink for things such as a soap dispenser and toothbrush holder can be placed. When converting furniture into a functional sink, you may need to cut or drill holes to place the sink, plumbing, and faucet. Cutting holes in the wrong place or size will result in a disaster. 

When water is introduced to the piece previously used for a different use, adding a granite or marble top or any water-resistant coating to the original wood is essential to avoid damage and to last longer. Several thin coats of polyurethane can be applied on the top of the piece to ensure the longevity of the new vanity.

To make the piece cohesive, we must tie the faucet and other fixtures with the hardware on the drawers and cabinets. Select the tap that suits the existing hardware. The other option is to switch out the wardrobe, drawer handles, and hinges upon doing the rest of the room. Everything need not be matched with each other, but it is a good idea to stick with the same style.

To give a one-of-a-kind designer look, a dining room console table can be repurposed as a dual sink vanity.

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