3 Ways To Design Your Home To Make A Statement

3 Ways To Design Your Home To Make A Statement

If the thought of having a home that looks just like all of your neighbors terrifies you, then you’re going to want to create a design and decorate your home in a way that makes a statement. But unless you already have a good design sense, putting this idea into practice might be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, there are some tricks that you can try to help make it easier on you as you try to come up with a statement piece or design that you can implement in your home.

To help you in doing this, here are three ways to design your home to make a statement.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Bold

If you want to be different and make a statement, you can’t be afraid to be bold. It’s only by breaking the mold and creating design or decor elements that go against what everyone else is doing that you can hope to make any kind of statement within your home. So whether you’re working on your home office or on your living space, think about what you can bring into the space that will be bold and show-stopping.

In many instances, you can use art pieces to make a bold statement in your design and decor. Because many artists are naturally bold in the art that they create, you can find a piece that speaks to you and bring that into your space. This could include both canvas art pieces, sculptures, and much more.

Take Up Space

To really have something bold in your home, it has to take up space. Otherwise, it could be easily overlooked or overwhelmed by everything else that resides in that room. In fact, playing with size and scale can be a great way to take up space when making a bold statement in your home decor and design.

For things like furniture, you won’t really want to play down the size and scale too much. Usually, you’ll want to go with bigger, oversized furniture if you really want to make a statement here. But within that furniture, you can do things like incorporate small patterns or stripes on the sofa and other furniture. These and other small patterns in furniture can really add a pop of boldness to any space. Or, if you’re looking to incorporate furniture that’s more solid in color, you can also use patterns to take up space on a wall that is meant to accent other features within the room.

Keep The Number Three In Mind

If you want to make a statement about the design and decor of your home while also keeping things looking balanced, you’ll want to keep the number three in mind.

When including bold items, try to have those items complement three other areas in the room, either in style, color, size, or pattern. This can help the room really feel like it comes together while also having a very bold element.

If you want to design your home to make a statement and incorporate bold design style, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how this can best be done.

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