How To Get The Most From Your Solar System While Reducing Energy Consumption

As a clean and efficient source of energy, solar power is unrivalled, and many homeowners throughout the world are benefitting from solar panels installed on their roofs or on the ground close to their home. However, as a significant investment (albeit one that gives a great ROI), you’ll undoubtedly be looking for ways to maximize solar production and storage so that your energy bills are reduced, while finding ways to reduce your overall consumption.

With this in mind, here are some tips for doing exactly that:

Swap to appliances that are more energy efficient

By switching all of your electrical appliances to the most energy efficient models, and switching from regular bulbs to LEDs, you can take the first steps towards reducing your household’s energy consumption. While this will require a significant investment upfront, you should recoup your investment in a relatively short space of time, with the energy savings you’ll make. 

Make use of a solar concentrator

Next, you should be trying to maximize your solar system’s output, and while you can increase the number of panels you have installed, this can prove too costly for some. One alternative is to use solar concentrators; mirrored devices that allow for a higher concentration of sunlight to the panels. These often prove to be most effective during the winter months when sunlight is at its lowest, and can help you break even on your investment, quicker. 

Take advantage of net metering

Net metering (available in many states throughout the country) is a way of using the grid to store any excess power generated by your solar system, for use later. While compensation will vary from state to state, typically homeowners are compensated for every unit of energy sent to the grid, and when it comes to the end of the month, they will be given credits towards their energy bill.

Think about investing in a solar battery

If net metering isn’t available to you, battery backup can help you meet all of your own energy needs, as it stores unused power for use during outages, for example. With a good quality solar battery to store excess power, most households are able to meet as much as 90% of their energy needs. If you want to take it a step further, an off grid solar system could be the way to go. These systems allow you to be completely independent from the power grid, offering you the potential to meet 100% of your energy needs with renewable energy.

Always use professional solar installers

When you have your solar system installed by professionals, such as the local electricians Cowley Electrical, they will help make sure that the entire system is optimized to generate as much power as you need, and save you as much money as possible on your energy bills. With careful positioning and adherence to all building codes and safety standards, they will ensure that your system produces power without you facing any legal or safety issues.

Homes powered by solar energy are typically owned by folks who are keen to save money on their energy bills, while helping to save the planet, too. As an added bonus, a home with a professionally installed solar system will be valued at a higher rate; homes with solar systems aren’t just more desirable, but typically sell for more and quicker. 

Get the most out of your solar system by following the advice given above, and you’ll soon be able to reduce your energy consumption, while getting a great return on your investment. 

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